Artist statement

As a self-taught artist, I use creativity as a unique pictural technique to touch people in their sensibility.
For me, making art results from a personal approach. It’s not the final aspect that predominates but the act of doing. It gaves me satisfaction and that’s what I want to share with people. If I consider myself as an artist, it’s to improve as a humain being.
Art doesn’t make sens if it can’t make us better.


Since I was a child, I’ve always liked to play with elements like wood, paper, stone and use my creativity to give them life by drawing, sculpting, burning or else.

Nothing predestined me to be an artist.
For a reason or another, I feel like expressing and giving the best of me when I’m drawing.
I’m not trying to understand this feeling, just to share it as much as possible.

Since 2014 I’m building myself as a self-taught artist.

I’ve been around Europe to paint in some hostels. That’s why I want to travel around the world. I’m looking for some opportunities to improve my skills, not just about pictural technics but also about people interaction and everything that can make me better.

Travels lead to emancipation.